New Group Scout Leader (GSL) required

Our current GSL is moving on to a new role in Scouting and we need to find a replacement.  We are actually looking for a small team of people to do the work of GSL including:

  • Group Scout Leader (click to see what’s involved)
  • Assistant Group Scout Leader (this role will support the role of GSL)
  • Administrative assistant

The GSL and AGSL roles are uniformed appointments and so full training is provided to support people into this role.  The Administrative assistant is to provide backup for processing, storing, accessing and providing data to support the GSL and AGSL in their work and help them focus on developing the programme alongside the other uniformed leaders within the Group.

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About Chairman

Dave has been Chairman of the Executive Committee since October 2011. As a Queen Scout himself, he is a full supporter of Scouting. He believes that Scouting provides a Physical, Social and Spiritual Adventure that broadens and deepens young people's experience of the world, such that they become stronger and more responsible citizens. Dave has two children in the Group.

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