Help needed parking cars at Sparsholt Countryside Day – May 12

Parking cars at the Sparsholt College Countryside Day is the fundraising activity that brings in more cash than anything else we do all year. But we need 40 volunteers, so please sign up to help!

It can actually be a very satisfying job and everyone who volunteers to spend half their day as a car parking steward will get a free family ticket (worth £25) for the show. In return for our efforts we will receive £3,000 for the 1st Winchester Group.

We run a morning shift (8.30am to 1pm) and an afternoon shift (12.30pm to 5pm). If you have to juggle some childcare responsibilities at an awkward time we can be a little bit flexible, but we do need some continuity between the two shifts and we need to make sure there are enough people on site throughout the day. We also sometimes need just a few people to hang on past 5 if the car park isn’t yet completely clear by then.

Please sign up via the Doodle site and send your email address to to help us plan and coordinate the work on the day. Many, many thanks for your help – it really will make a huge difference to all the beavers, cubs and scouts at the 1st!

New Group Scout Leader (GSL) required

Our current GSL is moving on to a new role in Scouting and we need to find a replacement.  We are actually looking for a small team of people to do the work of GSL including:

  • Group Scout Leader (click to see what’s involved)
  • Assistant Group Scout Leader (this role will support the role of GSL)
  • Administrative assistant

The GSL and AGSL roles are uniformed appointments and so full training is provided to support people into this role.  The Administrative assistant is to provide backup for processing, storing, accessing and providing data to support the GSL and AGSL in their work and help them focus on developing the programme alongside the other uniformed leaders within the Group.

Scouts support Boaz Project Family Fun Day

On Saturday 30th September 1st Winchester Scouts travelled to the Boaz Project Hampshire to help with the Billy Boaz Family Fun Day. We helped to set up stalls and to serve refreshments. We were also asked to run an outdoor garden games section, which included chess, archery and a more unusual game called Cub.

It was great fun and lovely to see all the participants taking part in the sponsored walk and run. We were all given a medal at the end of the day as a thank-you for our help.

Izzy Webb Adams (Romans)

To find out more about Boaz Project Hampshire visit

Annual Reports and AGM

1st Winchester Scout AGM is on the 14th July at 8pm at 1st Place.  It will be a quick an minimalist AGM which will cover only the key requirements under the governance process of the Scout Association.  However, it makes it no less important for parents and leaders to pay attention to our reports and ensure that we in the Executive Committee are doing our job to help run the Group successfully.  The following documents will be presented for agreement at the AGM.  Questions can be raised before or during the AGM.

1st Winchester Scout Group Accounts

1st Winchester Scout Group Trustee Report 2017

AGM Agenda 14th July 2017

Scouting for all awards

An innovative project by 1st Winchester won 3rd place in the national Scouting for All awards last weekend at Warwick University.  See the video below to see what the Scouting Plus project is all about.

Subscription to increase by £1/term

Subs will increase by £1 per term in May to £49.  Direct Debits will automatically change to this new figure.  If you have any concerns about payments, please raise it with one of your leaders.  We never wish problems with finance to exclude any young person attending 1st Winchester Scout Group.  A full explanation of where this money is spent will be shared at our AGM in June.

Folding partition wall

We have now fitted a folding partition wall inside 1st Place that will allow flexible use for the hall space – different activities running simultaneously.  Half the cost was the donation we received from the Mayor’s Charity in 2015, the other half, of course, was down to donations and fundraising that our parents have all been involved in.

1st Place main hall with folding doors

1st Place both halls showing folding wallBefore it can be properly used we need to fill in the gap between it and the ceiling.  This will happen during early Autumn Term.  Please look out for dates when work takes place at 1st Place.



Thanks to everyone for helping us to develop the building and make it a safe and adventurous place to do Scouting in.